Started Planning the Birthday Party

Obviously my boss is too busy with other stuff to plan his son’s sixth birthday party. His ex wife does not do much of anything really except shout at him. The two of them can barely be in the same room without a referee, so I have to arbitrate this sort of thing. The birthday party needs to be in public where nothing too dramatic will happen as well. I suppose we shall have to hire something like a childrens magician in brisbane, or maybe a clown. I have to check on the clown if I get one. Apparently the boy was frightened by one at another child’s party. I can see how some kids would be disturbed by some clowns, but I am not sure whether it was that particular one or if it is all clowns. Some people are quite afraid of them, probably from watching movies and perhaps video games. The bat man game has a pretty scary Joker dressed as a clown of course.

The big thing is to get through it without scarring the child for life of course. He knows his parents are not getting along and in fact he is probably happier with them apart than he would be with them under the same roof and constantly at each other’s throats. It is not as though he is constantly subjected to that sort of thing when they are apart. The rough part appears to be when one of them picks the child up or brings him back to the other. So he should get a nice day with all of his friends, a bouncy castle and all the pizza and cake and ice cream that he can take. I am sure that the both of them shall try to outdo each other in spoiling him.

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